Welcome to Rapid Connex!

Rapid Connex is the Durham’s premier syndicate you can trust for on-demand wireless internet services. With over 30 years combined experience in the wireless industry, we are well-grounded with full expertise and sure-fire wireless technologies that provide even the remotest areas with stellar internet experience.

Our philosophy is hinged on the importance of enjoying a perfect symmetry of home and office devices with the wireless network. That’s why we strive hard to constantly improve on our technologies and models so you won’t experience a minute downtime.


Why Choose Rapid Connex?

Our innovative solutions, unrivaled model and high quality of service keep our competitors at arm’s length. We go above and beyond in helping you experience the world.

No Running Contract 

Upgrade and Downgrade as you wish

Limitless Threshold 

Bandwidth throttling with no data cap

24/7 Tech Support 

Available Any Time!!

Inbuilt Wi-Fi

Wireless device enabled throughout your home



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